Our clients range from multinational communication and translation agencies to end clients in the technology, automotive, security systems and education fields, among others. The work we do includes localizing apps, translating training courses and creating and adapting marketing content and advertising campaigns.
«Francesc has been translating/editing/proofing more than 100,000 words for our demanding multinational clients in the past 2 years and for a very good reason: the quality of her work is outstanding.»
Everhard Hebly, Parnassia Media
«A real transcreation talent. As a translator: lively & dynamic with sufficient level of adaptation but precise technical content. As an editor: adds the right creative touch to dry technical translations. In-depth familiarity with IT concepts & industry.»
Nora Zilahy, espell
«We are really happy to have Anna in our team. We simply know our translation needs are in good hands every time she accepts one of our jobs. Anna has never let us down both in terms of quality and reliability, and we appreciate her professional approach towards any text we ask her to take care of.»
Oliver Gurtschmann, Wordcrafts
«Anna is pleasure to work with. Professional, reliable and open-minded. Anna has been part of Wordcrafts’ core team for a long time and will be for an even longer time.»
Felix Bartz, Wordcrafts
«It was very easy to work with them and they were very proactive with making sure they knew what we needed at the start of project».
Tatianna Ruggiero, Jamf
«Francesc is a really reliable and diligent translator. He always sticks to the deadlines and in just a few weeks he has managed to grasp the tone of voice that we want to convey in our texts. He’s also open to constructive feedback and shows a great interest in learning and adapting to the requirements of the client».
Edu Ferrer, Spanish Editor, IESE Business School